Car Bottom Furnace


Morton Salt

Cleveland, Ohio


  • Dismantled and demolished existing Morton Salt oven, rack lifting mechanism, control panel, and rails.  
  • Fabricated a new furnace shell out of 2”x 3” grade 836 mild steel square tubing.  
  • The walls and roof were constructed out of mild steel expanded metal.  
  • The furnace size is 4’ wide x 4’ long x 5’ high. 
  • Fabrication of two new loading racks composed of 304 stainless, along with a rooftop flue for ventilation.  
  • The furnace car was poured with a hard Mizou castable material to 2600 °F capability and will include a new car structure, rollers, bearings and rails. 
  • Attached to the car is the furnace door and a pneumatic cylinder is used for -car/door- in and out operation. 
  • Fiber lining constructed using our “MEGA BLOCK” standard 2000 °F HP 6” thick construction with 316SS interlock hanger system. This includes a front door jamb and car seal.  
  • Assembled a new control panel, and installed all new wiring, raceway, terminal strips, control transformer, along with all other associated electrical components to control all aspects of the furnace operation (i.e.…Temperature, Purge, Blower motor start/ stop ect.) 
  • Assembled a new fuel train and installed new Gas Pressure switches along with new Manual Main and Blocking valves with POC indication. 


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