Car Bottom Forge Furnace Rebuild


Brooker Brothers Forging Company

Norwalk, Ohio
Phone: 800-545-3174


  • ​Assembled new control panel and installed new wiring, raceway, terminal strips, control transformer, along with all other associated electrical components to control all aspects of the furnace operation (temperature, purge, blower motor start/stop, etc.).
  • Disassembled fuel train and installed new Gas Pressure switches along with new Manual Main and Blocking valves with POC indication.
  • Removed existing door structure and lifting mechanism, installed new furnace door on the car system with added structural framing to support the door.
  • Removed furnace walls and prepared for fiber module installation. Installed new structural metal on furnace roof along with fiber modules and two roof-top flues for exhaust.
  • Demolished furnace car and re-poured with a hard cast-able material and included new rollers and bearings.


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